About Glmaour Change of Business Hours

Following is gallery hours for the month of November. 
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your visiting! 

November 5~November 11: Wed-Sun 12-7PM (Monday&Tuesday Closed)
November 12~November 18 : Mon&Thurs-Sun 12-7PM (Tuesday&Wednedsay Closed)


Good Evening our valuable customers! 
We are very excited to inform you that 
our SUMMER SALE 2018 will start from tomorrow ✨July 14th✨!!

More than 900 clothing items will be marked down to 30%OFF, 50%OFF, and 70%OFF,
including some of the Japanese, European, and other well-known labels that you have wanted!!

We will be opened from 12:00pm-8:00pm as always,
First Come First Serve,
Please be sure to come check out!!

Thank you, 
See you all at the store ;) 

About Glamour

Business Hours on Independenceday

About Glamour will be opened on July 4th from 12pm-7pm!

Do You Know "PINK HOUSE"?

Hello our valuable customers, 
today we would like to introduce you a Japanese brand that has not yet been famous in the US. 

        Pink House is a Japanese Gothic lolita fashion label. The brand, started in the mid-1970s was among the first brands to bring the concept of designer produced, Lolita style clothing to the masses.

        The early productions of Pink House in the 1970s alongside Milk were originally designed to provide housewives and stay at home moms something cute and colorful to wear. The clothing, designed to mimic the style and cut of clothing worn in television series and films such as Little House on the Prairie and Ann of Green Gables was mildly popular but served more so as a jumping point for multiple other brands that would soon follow suit and lay the groundwork for what would become the Gothic Lolita fashion style in Japan

        Known as an elegant, classic form of the Lolita fashion scene, Pink House produced multiple designers and offshoots including the likes of Kaneko Isao, who worked on both Pink House and Ingenborg designs before eventually starting his own labels, Kaneko Isao and Wonderful World with more than 67 standalone locations around the world.

        When Pink House opened their first Lolita themed shop in 1979, they were credited with being the first truly Lolita fashion brand. Today, Pink House no longer produces purely Lolita clothing, instead using the 19th century style designs as a jumping off point for more modern, practical clothing.

It is very hard to find clothes with such details today. We have over 50 Pink House pieces in our store. Please come take a look at them :) 

Thank you and Have a Great day,

About Glamour

New Store Hours

Hello our valuable customers! Thank you for visiting our page as always. 
We changed our store hours to 7 DAYS A WEEK - 12:00pm to 8:00pm.
Meaning you can enjoy our collection of vintage clothing everyday!

Also we are having more and more Spring/Summer items coming up.
About half of them are not posted on our instagram page.

Thank you & see you at the store :)

About Glamour