New Store Hours

Hello our valuable customers! Thank you for visiting our page as always. 
We changed our store hours to 7 DAYS A WEEK - 12:00pm to 8:00pm.
Meaning you can enjoy our collection of vintage clothing everyday!

Also we are having more and more Spring/Summer items coming up.
About half of them are not posted on our instagram page.

Thank you & see you at the store :)

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"Propeller" the Japanese Stationary Producer

Hello our dearest customers, thank you for visiting our blog as always.
Today we are going to tell you a little bit about a cute stationary maker from Japan.

          Propeller Studio is a stationery producer located in Kobe, Japan. It was established as a post card maker in 1994. It specializes in simple, heart-warming illustrations and especially cares about the texture and the feeling of the original paper and paper products, and the beautiful effect after printing. They focus on the sensitive details of every product very carefully. Currently, they are working on a variety of stationery for use around the desk, in addition to basic paper stationary.

If you are interested in their heart-warming works,
please visit us at About Glamour,
▽We have some of their cutest items▽

New to you? Japanese Traditional Working Clothes for Your New Extraordinary Outfit!

These extraordinary pieces right here, do you recognize what they are? Today, we are going to introduce you Japanese traditional working wear called Cho Cho and a little bit of their history.
        Cho Cho is one of Japanese working clothes for Tobi construction workers, called Nikka Bokka or Gotogi. The shape usually gets extra buggy toward the bottom and turns narrower from the lower part to the uncle. The colors and the patterns differ from a region to another in Japan, yet White serge or Navy serge are likely to be preferred by more experienced workmen while young ones like to wear fancy colors like Red or Purple.

        There are functional reasons why those are made in this unique shape. The wide thigh makes it easy for them to bend their legs so that they can climb up and work anywhere high. They also function almost as 'cat whiskers.' Especially in iron frame construction, there are a lot of sharp edges sticking out to their path. The workers can sense any obstacles by having those buggy parts touching the sharp edges before their legs do. Additionally, since those workers work usually in very high places with strong wind, these pants are their air speedometer that wave in the wind for the workers on the ground to see if their coworkers up high are safe.

1980                            2000                               Now

These days, those Nikka Bokka pants started to be accepted as 
an unique item for fashion but not just as working wear.  

If you are a pioneer of a new extraordinary style, We have three of them in stock. Navy, Grey, and White. Come try them and enjoy the new silhouette on you.▽


New Store Hours for January 2018

Dear our valuable customers. We have new store hours from January 2018. 
Opened from Sunday to Monday 12:00pm to 8:00pm,
 Closed on Tuesdays
Thank you for shopping with us :)
Have a wonderful day.

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2018 Winter Sale Is Coming Up!

Dear our valuable customers,
Our WINTER SALE 2018 now starts from January 6th!

Most of Winter Items are up to 70% Off!

 Our collections are one of a kind in the US, 
Dress Yourself with What Others Can't Have,

"Show that You Are Different."

Come visit our store for Your Most Exciting Treasure Hunt. 

Looking forward to see you all.

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