New Fun Sunnies in Stock!

Hi everyone, how is your summer going? Have you already gotten killer sunnies for this summer? We have just gotten a lot of fun sunnies that quench your fashion thirst! Here are just a few selections from our new shipment.

They are all $28 a pair. Come grab them while they last!

It's The Season For Breton Stripe!

As you may know, one of our signature items is a Breton striped top. Originated as the uniform for the French Navy in the 19th century, Breton stripes has been familiar with us as the summer staple style.
Oftentimes we carry these 6 French brands below, that are famous for their iconic Breton striped shirts. Their authentic Breton stripes and the quality thick, durable fabrics are carefree and versatile.

If you can tell which logo is what brand, you are the Breton stripe expert!
  • Saint James 
Saint James' logo is this cute Mont Saint-Michel illustration. 
  • Le Minor

  • Armor Lux
  • Orcival
If you see this bee symbol on sleeves, that is Orcival's.
  • Glacon
Glacon has their traditional emblem with B and L.
  • Une Bouée a la mer

Come find your one-and-only Breton striped top to our store!


Our July Store Hours Will Change

Thank you very much for shopping at us. We are letting you know that our July store hours will change effective on July 1st.


12PM - 8PM

Our store hours will be shortened, though, we would like to serve you quality time and unique items as always!  

Organize In Cuter Ways

Adorable animal pouches in stock!

We've just gotten these adorable pouches in stock! There are tons of things you can put in them- your little treats like candies, rings, earrings, pills, and coins... With the irresistibly cute guys, you are not going to lose your favorite tiny earrings ever again! Keep your tiny important belongings organized with them xx