Organize In Cuter Ways

Adorable animal pouches in stock!

We've just gotten these adorable pouches in stock! There are tons of things you can put in them- your little treats like candies, rings, earrings, pills, and coins... With the irresistibly cute guys, you are not going to lose your favorite tiny earrings ever again! Keep your tiny important belongings organized with them xx

Stickers Stickers Stickers!

We've got new stickers in stock!

Make your belongings more you with these stickers! These five are just a tip of iceberg. We have just got more than 10 selections of new stickers in stock. Our wall is full of funny/cute stickers now... Swing by our store and find your favorite!

Soul II Soul x Christophert Nemeth

Fashion often has a deep connection with music, like Vivienne Westwood and Sex pistols or Kansai Yamamoto and David Bowie. One of our store's favorite brands, Christopher Nemeth also has a little-know connection with music. In the music video of Soul II Soul's hit song "Back to Life", look carefully at what the members were wearing! Jazzie B, one of the original members from 1988, told i-D Magazine that he was "a fan of Christopher Nemeth".

from Youtube
For AW 2015 Louis Vuitton Men's RTW collection, where Kim Jones was inspired by Christopher Nemeth's designs, the runway soundtrack was made by a legendary music producer from Soul II Soul, Nellee Hooper. Moreover, his close friend and an accessory designer Judy Blame made jewelries for this collection.However, We wondered where John Moore shoes were?

Little Notes to Your Loved Ones

New Sugarboo notecards are in stock!

Some of you guys asked us if we carry Sugarboo notecards for birthday wishes. We heard you! Now we have more options for birthday cards, and we also got some more that you can use in any occasion. 
Spread your love through Sugarboo's whimsical designs!


Story of Little My

Have you noticed there is this girl on a lot of products in our store? Her name is Little My, who was adopted into our beloved character, Moomin's family. She loves secrets and mysteries and wants to join a journey with Moomin. She is adventurous, brave, and not afraid of anything. Think of a friend with whom you want to travel where nobody has ever been to... She would be your perfect treasure hunt buddy!