Celebrate "Moomin's Day" on August 9, 2016!

Thank you very much for shopping at About Glamour. We would like to introduce you one of our favorite comic stories, called "Moomin". Tove Janson is the artist from Finland who created the story and every character in Moomin. (The first story was written in 1945 during the end of World War II, "The Moomins and the Great Flood".) Tove was the Swedish speaking Finns minority in Finland.  Only ten percent of the Finns spoke Swedish at that time. (Now only five percent!) The characters of the Moomin look very cute and the stories were basically written for children. You may think that the stories are only for kids. However, if you read or watch the stories, your image for Moomin will eventually change because the stories are actually very sophisticated (Somewhat melancholic) and each character in the stories is lovingly unique. The books have been globally translated into thirty-three languages in different countries. Hope you will celebrate Moomin Day with Moomin goods at About Glamour!